Courtesy of 3DScience.com.

The Brain

Of all the organs in your body, the only one capable of studying itself is the brain. This incredible organ not only differentiates ourselves from the rest of the living species on this planet, but places us squarely within the developmental spectrum of all of our predecessors.

The year of the brain focused an incredible amount of attention on this topic, and this site is one of many that seek to present the latest information in an easily accessible manner. Basic primers on brain anatomy, references, links to videos and important books along with insight into current research and theories of consciousness can be found by reading the pages and following the links in this site.

Some of the pages will contain information on commercial products that are available to the consumer, and some will require the guidance of a physician. Whatever you choose, it will be to your advantage to seek out the most information from as many different sources as possible to help you make your decision.

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